Bodybuilding Anatomy by Nick Evans

Bodybuilding Anatomy by Nick Evans
Bodybuilding Anatomy by Nick Evans focuses on the first muscle teams of shoulders, chest, again, arms, legs, and abdominals and concentrating on muscle zones and laborious-to-work areas. This text can make the difference between bulking up and sculpting an award-winning physique.

Sculpt your physique like you by no means thought possible! With full-colour, detailed anatomical illustrations of workouts, mixed with step-by-step directions on learn how to perform them, it’s the superb useful resource for gaining mass and defining your muscles. Additionally, you will discover ways to modify train method to affect outcomes and individualize training packages in accordance with your specific needs.

Combining the expertise of MuscleMag International columnist, bodybuilder, and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Nick Evans with the talent of acclaimed bodybuilding artist Invoice Hamilton, it is the final training guide for bodybuilders and dedicated power trainers.

Writer is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports activities medication and is a extremely regarded authority on energy training, vitamin, and weight-training injuries. He’s knowledgeable in musculoskeletal anatomy and has written for quite a few scientific publications.

Bodybuilding Anatomy [Paperback]

Nick Evans
Human Kinetics; 1 edition (October 6, 2006)
200 pages

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Shoulders, Chest, Back, Arms and Legs

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