Cardiac Surgery in the Adult 4th Edition

Cardiac Surgery in the Adult 4th Edition
Cardiac Surgery in the Adult 4th Edition by Lawrence Cohn offers update of the most recent surgical views and methods in ischemic and valvular coronary heart illness, ailments of the great vessels and cardiac arrhythmias. New full-coloration design with many illustrations enhanced expressly facilitates the comprehension of surgical procedures throughout.

Creator delivers thorough, up-to-date coverage of operative technique, resolution making, technique, and pre- and put up-operative management for treating the grownup cardiac patient. He takes you thru the optimal treatment of congenital, acquired, infectious, and traumatic diseases of the heart and nice vessels.

The book begins with a history of cardiac surgical procedure and basic cardiac science. It moves into all forms of cardiac surgery, providing each practicing surgeons and residents insight into the very latest surgical protocols.

Presented in full color for the primary time, it is aligned with up-to-the-minute developments within the discipline together with current surgical developments in minimally invasive cardiac surgery. Unparalleled in both scope and clinical rigor, this text contains 70 chapters that spotlight every necessary subject in cardiovascular surgery.

New and refreshed contents are on pivotal traits and topics, including the use of robotic surgery, minimally invasive valve and coronary artery bypass surgical procedure, stem-cell induced regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and percutaneous valve procedure. There is necessary opening part on the fundamentals of cardiac surgical procedure, from its origins to the surgical anatomy of the heart, cardiac surgical physiology, risk stratification, and the statistical remedy of surgical consequence data.

There are additionally key chapters on the perioperative and postoperative management of cardiac patients from internationally acknowledged consultants in the field. Cardiac Surgery in the Adult 4th Edition supplies coverage of traits that highlight affected person demographics, with a concentrate on cross-coaching surgeons in endovascular expertise through coverage of such topics as percutaneous intervention and endovascular graft technology.

Cardiac Surgery in the Adult, Fourth Edition [Hardcover]
Lawrence Cohn
McGraw-Hill Professional; 4 edition (October 27, 2011)
1472 pages

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