High-Resolution CT of the Lung 4th Edition

High-Resolution CT of the Lung 4th Edition
High-Resolution CT of the Lung 4th Edition, by W. Richard Webb explains the best way to use the latest high-resolution CT expertise to detect and diagnose lung abnormalities. Still the only complete text on the subject, this compact, inexpensive reference is written by the foremost consultants and supplies reducing-edge technical and clinical information.

This book contains state-of-the-art HRCT scans of interstitial lung diseases and differential prognosis tables for summarizing essentially the most useful diagnostic features of interstitial and airspace diseases. It contains full-color illustrations of histologic findings in lung disease, correlated with HRCT manifestations.

Additionally included are up to date HRCT pictures obtained on multidetector CT scanners with many coronal and sagittal reformations. Two new chapters on the idiopathic interstitial pneumonias detail the differential prognosis, pathophysiology, histology, medical manifestations, and HRCT options of those entities. A companion Website will provide the totally searchable text plus a picture bank containing all illustrations from the text.

Lung illness will be categorized in accordance with sample (linear areas, nodular areas, areas of decreased attenuation, and areas of ground-glass attenuation) and distribution (peripheral, axial, and parenchymal). Figuring out the pattern and distribution of disease helps in formulating a differential diagnosis.

Furthermore, when biopsy is important, distribution of lung disease, as seen on HRCT scans, may help in planning the approach. Authors assessed the usefulness of chest radiographs for predicting whether or not high-resolution CT scans obtained with the patient inclined can be worthwhile in assessing suspected diffuse lung disease.

High-Resolution CT of the Lung [Hardcover]

W. Richard Webb, Nestor L. Müller and David P. Naidich
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; Fourth edition (November 14, 2008)
672 pages

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