Langman’s Medical Embryology 12th Edition

Langman's Medical Embryology 12th Edition
Langman’s Medical Embryology 12th Edition, by T. W. Sadler covers embryology for medical, nursing, and health professions college students with a powerful clinical emphasis. The text is extremely valued as a educating and studying resource for its medical correlation containers, summaries, issues to unravel, illustrations and scientific images, and clear, concise writing model-all of which make the subject matter accessible to students and related to instructors.

This book provides excellent illustrations and clear and concise writing. It covers all elements of embryology of curiosity to medical college students and instructors and contains scientific correlates that provide information on delivery defects and different clinical entities immediately associated to embryologic concepts.

Langman’s Medical Embryology 12th Edition features new full-color images of medical situations and updated embryo photographs/pictures created using newer technologies. It also features new online USMLE-type overview questions by Connection / The Point. A brand new introduction chapter on development consists of molecular biology.

Online materials consists of Simbryo, an animation program showing processes, organs, and systems creating in human embryos and review questions and full text online. A separate School Picture Bank and PowerPoint presentations are additionally available. There are updated techniques chapters (e.g., heart and intestine to include new findings in developmental research).

Clinical Correlates present information about start defects and different medical entities directly associated to embryologic concepts. This book is illustrated with a full-shade art program along with supporting color clinical photographs and photographs. It also contains general chapter on growth, including protection of molecular biology, Picture Bank and pre-built PowerPoint slides, especially helpful to markets outside Medicine.

This text is organized into two elements covering normal development in sequence and system improvement with finish-of-chapter Summaries and Issues to Solve.

Langman’s Medical Embryology [Paperback]

Thomas W. Sadler PhD
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; Twelfth edition
400 pages

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