Medical Microbiology 7th Edition, Murray

Medical Microbiology 7th Edition, Murray
Medical Microbiology 7th Edition, by Patrick R. Murray, Ken S. Rosenthal and Michael A. Pfaller presents microbiology in easy-to-use and engaging manner. Clear discussions explain how microbes cause disease in people, and review the updated vaccines and new antibiotics at present accessible to treat these diseases.

Professional coverage of fundamental rules, the immune response, laboratory prognosis, bacteriology, virology, mycology, and parasitology ensures that you’ll perceive all the information important to the practice of medicine today. A revised art work program illustrates the appearance of disease, simplifying advanced information, while text containers and additional summary tables emphasize important ideas and learning issues for more efficient exam review.

This text focuses on why the biologic properties of organisms are important to disease in people, equipping you with a practical understanding of microbiology. It examines etiology, epidemiology, host defenses, identification, analysis, prevention, and control for every microbe in consistently organized chapters, enabling you to find the information you want fast.

The summary tables and text bins emphasize essential concepts and studying points, enabling you to make your exam review more efficient. This text correlates basic science with medical observe via assessment questions at the finish of each chapter that can assist you perceive the scientific relevance of the organisms examined. It uses clinical cases from literature reviews for instance the epidemiology, diagnosis, and remedy of infectious diseases.

This text presents revised artwork-more than 635 brilliant pictures, almost all in full coloration-that offers a more consistent and fashionable method to the research of medical microbiology. It provides extra clinical photographs all through that help you better understand the clinical functions of microbiology with expanded use of abstract containers for bacteria throughout all organism chapters to additional enhance your evaluate and learning.

It additionally contains enhanced Scholar Consult features including self-assessment questions, clinical cases, animations displaying the actions of varied necessary toxins, and a PowerPoint presentation with supplemental photographs of organisms and stains.

Medical Microbiology: with STUDENT CONSULT Online Access, 7e [Paperback]

Patrick R. Murray PhD, Ken S. Rosenthal PhD and Michael A. Pfaller
Saunders; 7 edition (December 17, 2012)
888 pages

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