Neuroanatomy Through Clinical Cases 2nd Edition, Blumenfeld

Neuroanatomy Through Clinical Cases 2nd Edition, Blumenfeld
Neuroanatomy Through Clinical Cases 2nd Edition by Hal Blumenfeld introduces interactive strategy to the teaching of neuroanatomy, utilizing over a hundred precise scientific instances and high-high quality radiologic photos to bring the topic to life. The book is absolutely updated with the latest advances in the subject, and includes several exciting new cases.

This method permits students to understand the clinical relevance of structural details as they’re being realized, and to combine knowledge of disparate functional programs, since a single lesion might have an effect on several totally different neural structures and pathways. Many of the book contains chapters that specify the major neuroanatomical systems.

Every chapter presents background material including an outline of related neuroanatomical constructions and pathways, and a brief dialogue of related scientific disorders. The second half of each chapter is dedicated to scientific cases. The cases start with a story of how the affected person developed symptoms, and what deficits have been found upon neurological examination. Boldface kind highlights necessary symptoms and signs.

A sequence of questions challenges the reader to infer the neuroanatomical location of the patient s lesion, and the diagnosis. Discussion and solutions follow, and an epilogue reveal the precise outcome. One of the book s most progressive features is the inclusion of CT and MRI scans that depict every affected person s lesion. These radiographs assist the reader develop skills in interpreting the same sorts of diagnostic images employed in clinical practice.

Neuroanatomy Through Clinical Cases 2nd Edition is meant primarily for first- or second-yr medical college students enrolled in a primary neuroanatomy, neurobiology or neuroscience course. It’s also a worthwhile useful resource for health professions.

Neuroanatomy Through Clinical Cases, Second Edition, Text with Interactive eBook

Hal Blumenfeld
Sinauer Associates, Inc.; Second edition (May 1, 2011)
975 pages

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