The Essential Physics of Medical Imaging 3rd Edition

The Essential Physics of Medical Imaging 3rd Edition
The Essential Physics of Medical Imaging 3rd Edition by Jerrold T. Bushberg presents complete summary of radiologic physics, including few diagrams and necessary coverage of the clinical implications of technical principles. This book describes the elemental ideas of medical imaging physics, radiation safety and radiation biology, with complicated topics introduced within the clear and concise manner and style for which these authors are known.

The discussion also consists of the manufacturing, characteristics and interactions of ionizing radiation used in medical imaging and the imaging modalities through which they are used, including radiography, mammography, fluoroscopy, computed tomography and nuclear medicine. Particular attention is paid to optimizing patient dose in every of those modalities.

This book addresses topics common to all forms of diagnostic imaging, including image quality and medical informatics in addition to the non-ionizing medical imaging modalities of MRI and ultrasound. The fundamental science essential to nuclear imaging, together with the nature and production of radioactivity, internal dosimetry and radiation detection and measurement, are offered clearly and concisely.

Current ideas in the fields of radiation biology and radiation safety related to medical imaging, and plenty of useful appendices complete this comprehensive textbook. The Essential Physics of Medical Imaging 3rd Edition is enhanced by full coloration charts, tables, pictures and very good illustrations that reinforce central concepts. The book is good for medical imaging professionals, and teachers and college students in medical physics and biomedical engineering.

Radiology residents will discover this text especially useful in bolstering their understanding of imaging physics and associated matters previous to board exams. The authors provide clear foundation of the underlying physics and then reinforce those primary ideas with more than 900 detailed illustrations and tables.

The Essential Physics of Medical Imaging, Third Edition [Hardcover]

Jerrold T. Bushberg, J. Anthony Seibert, Edwin M. Leidholdt Jr. and John M. Boone
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; Third, North American Edition
1048 pages

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